A downloadable FIK for Windows

Oh no!  The forest monsters are trying to extinguish your campfire. Club them off! Swing, smash and survive to the beat, put your faith in the rhythm and your bat. 

Need a challenge? Try the extremely challenging Hard Mode, but don't let your fire die out... 

Escape -> Pause Menu

This project was made for the "Mix and Game Jam 2020"!

By: SybrenVPLelieJensZiehie 


FIK.zip 39 MB

Install instructions

Once the zip is downloaded, extract the folder in a location of your choice.

Run the FIK.exe and done!


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I'm in love with the art style! as for the gameplay, it's basic but fun. It might be a bit too hard to hit the enemies, but that's probably what you were going for. The atmosphere is in line with the game, it's got a nice vibe overall.


Thank you!


This was so much fun to do! Great team x